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When was Asbestos banned, and what is Asbestos?

What is Asbestos and when was it banned? Asbestos is a naturally occurring long thin fibrous mineral previously used for creating fireproof or incombustible items. Around 1880, one of the first patents for asbestos was initiated in the United States as an insulation material during the industrial revolution. As time went on the substance proved to […]

What Does Asbestos Look Like?

What Does Asbestos Look Like? The thin and tiny sharp fibers that are asbestos dust can be detrimental to humans and animals. It was not that long ago that asbestos was still being used to create fire-resistant material for buildings and homes. If you are remodeling or reconstructing your home, it is crucial to know […]

Immunotherapy – promising results for mesothelioma patients

Help could be on the way for future mesothelioma patients who need it the most. Researchers in Spain are the first to successfully identify a specific protein found only in mesothelioma patients with the shortest survival times. The findings should provide a clearer target for potential therapy advances, giving those cancer patients more of a […]

Increase in survival time for mesothelioma?

The genetic mutation that increases the chances of developing mesothelioma now is identified as the same one that leads to a dramatic increase in survival time — creating real hope for future therapeutic advances. It’s the bad news/good news tumor suppressor gene known as BAP1. “You can look at it two ways,” Dr. Michele Carbone, […]